April on Bingo Radio

 As we all welcome the lighter evenings and hopefully some better weather, Bingo Radio will continue to entertain you throughout April, playing some of the best music around while giving you lots of chances to win, including:

 7.30 The Big Question

Can you answer a simple question? It could be about almost anything! Listen out for your first chance to win £3 each evening and be ready to email studio@bingoradio.com

 8.00 April Showers

We’re all hoping for more seasonal weather this month, but the occasional downpour is unavoidable. We’ll be showering the cash during this hour, so listen for details on how to win one of three £3 prizes!

 9.00 The Mystery Hour

Adding a bit of variety to April, Mark will be announcing how to win in this hour each night at around 9pm. You’re guaranteed three chances to bag £3 but you’ll have to listen for details on how to win!

 10.00 The GameVillage 10@10

It’s still the only jukebox that pays out – £2 for each song played on-air. You can email requests between 9.45 and 10.20 each night to studio@bingoradio.com

 11.00 The Thirty Minute Theme

We’ll be rounding off each night with half an hour of music on a particular theme. You could win £2 for choosing the theme and two more listeners can win £1 each for continuing the theme with suggested songs. Listen for details at around 10.45 each night

Love is on the air at Bingo Radio!


Come in, lie down, make yourself comfortable… it’s Bingo Radio’s month of lurve! DON’T MISS OUT on fun ways to win this February with lots of lovely competitions, including an exclusive Saturday-only game. Click the red “Radio” button above where you type your chat on the game screen or go to www.bingoradio.com to hear Bingo Radio.

Here’s what to listen out for:

7.30                The History File

Your first chance to win each evening comes with a look back in the day in history. It could be a celebrity birthday, a famous invention or an historic event. Work out the answer for a chance to win up to £3!

 8.00                Stupid’s Love Match

The Game Village Idiot Wally is back this month, giving you three chances to match with his romantic phrase. He’ll give you a word followed by a blank, and if you choose the same word as him to fill the blank, you could win yourself £3!

 9.00                All Because The Chat Host Loves… (Tue-Fri)

Everyone has songs they absolutely love, and the chat hosts are no exception! Each night they’ve chosen a selection of their favourite songs and if you can identify the chat host’s choice you could win a free fiver!

 9.00                Three Love (Saturday)

You wouldn’t say no to a bit of “three love” would you? Listen to our mixed-up love songs for a chance to win up to £10 if you can identify all three, or £1 per each song guessed correctly.

10.00              10@10

It’s still the only jukebox that pays out! Our ever-popular request slot continues in February, and you could even use your request to woo someone new. We’ll pay £2 each time a song is played – just be ready to email your choice to studio@bingoradio.com between 9.45 and 10.20pm.

11.00              Love Is On The Air

Each night at 11.00, Mark will announce that evening’s Soppy Song – a song that celebrates love. When you hear it play get in touch with the phrase “LOVE IS ON THE AIR” to studio@bingoradio.com and you could win the final £3 of the night.

Happy New Year from Bingo Radio


Mark returns this month with more chance to win through January. Remember: Bingo Radio is exclusive to Game Village and the live show is on the air each evening Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm. To tune in, click the red “Radio” button on your game screen or visit www.bingoradio.com and join in the fun!

 7.30   The Birthday File

More chances to win with celebrity birthdays each night. If you can work out who’s celebrating from just one clue, you could win £3. Otherwise, it’s £2 for two clues or £1 for all three. 

8.00   Holding Back The Years

Test your memory of big events in years gone by. Mark will have three questions each night, worth £3 each time around. Listen out for details of how to play from 8pm every night. 

9.00   Wally’s Supermarket Dash

The Game Village Idiot is re-stocking his cupboards and you can win either the value of each item he’s buying, or go for a mystery prize which could be worth more or less. There are three chances to win each night!

10.00 The GV 10@10

Our ever popular request feature is back for January, with a chance to choose the music and win £2 for every song we play. Be ready to send your selections to studio@bingoradio.com from 9.45 each night.

 11.00 January Sales

We round off the evening with a final £3 prize. Just listen out for the sound of the cash registers, which is your cue to email the word SALES to studio@bingoradio.com.

Yule love December on Bingo Radio!

Bingo Radio is now in festive full-swing with all of your favourite Yuletide hits playing around the clock. Turn us on to get you in the mood for the party season – whether you’re putting up decorations, wrapping presents or just enjoying a few mince pies whilst playing on-line, we’ve got everything you need to keep you entertained!

 Here’s how you can win throughout December…

 7.30     The Festive Birthday File

Identify the celebrity celebrating a birthday for a chance to win up to £3!

8.00     Christmas Presents

Mark will be quizzing you about classic Christmas gifts. Work out the present he’s describing for a chance to win £3 each time around.

9.00     Wally’s Advent Calendar

The Game Village idiot is giving you a chance to win a mystery prize each night – everything from £1 to the special £25 prize! Just listen in and choose a number to win.

9.30     Bingo Radio’s Festive Favourites

Win £3 each night when you hear the Xmas song that Mark is talking about.

10.00   The 10@10

The ever-popular Bingo Radio jukebox continues this month, stacked with all your festive favourites. As always, you can request any song you like for a chance to hear it plus earn £2 into the bargain!

11.00   Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Listen out for one of the many different versions of this classic festive song for a chance to win the final £3 of the night!

Lights, Camera, Radio!

Here’s what’s coming up throughout November at Bingo Radio…

7.30 The Birthday File

More chances to win by guessing which celebrity is celebrating their birthday – work it out from just one clue for a chance to win £3, otherwise it’ll be £2 for two clues and £1 if you need all three. 

8.00 Movie Music Match

How well do you know the songs from the movies? Mark will name three films in this hour, and you’ll need to listen out for the songs featured in them. Email in at the right time for a chance to win one of three £3 prizes! 

9.00 Wallywood!

Our Village Idiot Wally will be showing off his impressive impressions of Hollywood stars all month, with a chance for you to win one of two £3 prizes, by either identifying the well-known film he’s acting out, or naming the actor(s) involved!

10.00 The Game Village 10 @ 10

More of your requests, each of them worth £2! Mark will be accepting emails from 9.45pm each night. 

11.00 £007

Listen out for the classic Bond theme in this hour of the show for a chance to win the final £007 of the night!

Birthday Bumps!

Our extended birthday show is now LIVE on-air at Bingo Radio until midnight tonight!

Remember: every winner from our extended show today will be entered into the draw to win a fantastic Halloween cake baked for us by pjsprout!

Mark will also be playing classic archive clips from four years of Bingo Radio throughout the day, plus listen out for occasional surprise prizes!

Also, there’ll be reports from the gang at the Game Village mini-meet in Liverpool with dedications and requests for those listening.

Here’s how you can win…

2.00 Corks-A-Popping!

Listen out for the champagne corks popping for a chance to win!

3.00 Famous Fours

Quiz questions involving the number four

4.00 The CH Identity Parade

Who’s wishing Bingo Radio a happy birthday?

4.30 The Bingo Radio Foursome

A chance to win the share of the jackpot total with our new game

5.00 The Game Village 10 @ 5

10 songs chosen by you – Mark will be accepting requests from 4.45

7.30 Birthday File

Which famous celebrity shares their birthday with Bingo Radio?

8.00 The Golden Hour

Another classic competition from the history of Bingo Radio

9.00 The Chat Hosts’ Chorus Line

Hear one of the chat hosts singing a line from a famous song

9.30 The Bingo Radio Foursome

Another chance to guess the identity of four scrambled songs

10.00 The GV Mini-Meet 10 @ 10

Two-way requests, some chosen by listeners, some by party-goers

11.00 Never Played Before

A final chance to win with a song that Bingo Radio’s never played

Who’s for jelly and ice cream?



The bunting is out again for another Bingo Radio milestone as we celebrate four years as Game Village’s very own radio station! Our special Birthday Show is on Saturday 13th October (more details to follow) with live reports from the Game Village mini-meet in Liverpool. Plus, we haven’t forgotten Halloween either! Meanwhile, there are LOADS of chances to celebrate our birthday by winning big cash prizes throughout the month.

REMEMBER: You can tune in by pressing the red “radio” button on your game screen (just below the chat window) or by going to www.bingoradio.com

7.30     The Birthday File

More chances to win up to £4 by identifying celebrities who are celebrating their birthdays each day. Listen out for clues and if you can name the well known person from just the first hint, you can win the top prize!

8.00     The Golden Hour

Over the years, we’ve run many different games and competitions at Bingo Radio. Listen out for a chance to join in with some classic games each night, with three chances to win £4 in the hour!

9.00     The Chat Hosts’ Chorus Line

Just to prove that the Game Village chat hosts are game for a laugh, listen in to hear them singing a line from a well known song each evening after 9pm. You can win £4 if you can not only identify the song they’re singing, but also email in at the right time when the real version plays!

9.30     The Birthday Foursome

It’s the return of the accumulator game at Bingo Radio with the prize pot starting at £44 and growing by £4 each night until won. Wally has mixed up four songs by spinning them around, playing them backwards and generally messing around with them. To win your share of the eventual pot, you need to be one of the listeners who have correctly identified one of the songs. We’ll chose FOUR emails at random each night and will award £4 each time a song is correctly identified.

10.00   GV 10 @ 10

It’s your chance to win £2, together with hearing one of your favourite songs in our ever-popular request section. Plus, in our 4th birthday month, there is a double prize of £4 for the fourth song we play each night. You can email your requests to studio@bingoradio.com from 9.45.

11.00   Never Played Before

Over the past few years, Bingo Radio has played thousands of songs and requests from listeners. However, many big hits and popular songs have somehow fallen by the wayside and have never been played! Each night, we’ll be giving a very well-known song its first even spin on Bingo Radio. Identify it for a chance to win £4.

September on Bingo Radio

Mark is back with another month of competitions and games at Game Village’s very own radio station Bingo Radio. Tune in by clicking the red “Radio” button on your game screen, or by visiting this website, each night from 7pm. There’s great music and chances to win including: 

7.30 The Birthday File

Do you share your birthday with someone famous? Each night, Mark will give you clues as to the identity of a well-known celebrity celebrating their birthday, and if you can guess who it is, you can win £5 on the first clue, £3 for two clues or £1 if you need all three. 

8.00 Gappity Gap!

Pit your wits against the chat hosts each evening for a chance to win up to £5. Mark will choose a well-known two-word phrase, but will be removing one of the words. You’ll have to then guess what word the chat host chose to complete the phrase. Match on the first go to win £5 or if we play again the prize will be £3. There are three chances to win in the hour!

9.00 What’s In Wally’s Trolly?

Who decided that the Game Village Idiot Wally was to be put in charge of buying supplies for next month’s Bingo Radio 4th Birthday Party? Each night, he’ll be going shopping for party goodies, and if you can correctly guess what item he’s placed in his trolley you can decide either to win the value of that item OR a mystery cash sum each time! You’ll have three chances to play but remember: the mystery prize could be lesser or greater than the cost of the item, so choose carefully! 

10.00 The Game Village 10@10

Our ever-popular chance to choose the music, where you take control of Bingo Radio with your requests, returns with a £2 prize for each one that’s played! Email your request from 9.45 each night and join in the fun with your friends in the Village Inn.

11.00 Earth Wind & Fiver

Each night from 11pm we’ll be playing the finest song to celebrate the month of September from Earth Wind & Fire. Whenever you hear it, just email the word SEPTEMBER to studio@bingoradio.com for your chance to win the final fiver of the night!