Welcome to August on Bingo Radio

Bingo Radio is celebrating the last official month of summer – come what may! Join us for our August games and promotions including an exciting progressive competition each night at 8.30. Now everyone can listen courtesy of our updated website, just go to www.bingoradio.com to tune in, and here’s what’s in store throughout August…


7.00     Bingo Radio Jukebox – Part 1

It’s your first chance of the evening to choose the music. Mark will be taking requests from 6.40pm, and if your song is played from 7pm, you’ll win some instant lucky cash!


8.00     The Heat Is On

Bingo Radio’s collection of summer songs have been proving popular, and you could win an instant boost to your GV account when you hear tonight’s nominated number. Listen for an announcement just after 8pm.


8.30     The Summer Six Pack

Oh no! Some of Bingo Radio’s most popular songs have melted in the recent heat. If you can identify any of the famous tunes now that they’re warped and distorted, you could win a sizzling £6 prize. But the big money will go to anyone who can name all six songs – and we grow the progressive pot by £6 twice a night!


9.00     Clueless: Hosties!

Our popular trivia competition is back, and this time you’ll be playing against the chat hosts! We’ll be giving them five minutes to come up with five answers to three questions. If you can beat them by coming up with an answer they didn’t give, you can win a £5 cash injection, or £2 if you match with the host. Full details after 9pm each night.


10.00   Bingo Radio Jukebox – Part 2

Mark will be taking more of your requests from 9.40pm each evening, with more £2 prizes to be given away each time a song is played. Remember, the email address is studio@bingoradio.com


            followed by the Chat Host’s Choices


11.00   The Summer Six Pack

It’s your final chance to win each night in August with the music that’s melted during the hot weather. See 8.30 above for more details.

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