September on Bingo Radio

Bingo Radio is off to the flicks this month! Grab your popcorn and tune-in for more chances to win with our silver-screen themed games and competitions. Whether you’re a movie buff or not, there’ll be plenty to enjoy during September on Bingo Radio.

Here are some of the ways you can win on the live show, each Tuesday to Saturday night from 7pm:

7.00     Bingo Radio Jukebox Part 1

Mark will be inviting your requests each night from 6.40 – so be ready to send an email to for a chance to not only hear one of your favourite songs, but also win £2 into the bargain!

8.00     Mark’s Move Music Challenge

Listen out for the music clips from famous films, and if you can identify where they’re from, you could win some instant lucky cash, paid straight into your GameVillage account.

9.00     Clueless at the Movies… with Wally!

The Village Idiot is back, and here’s your chance to pit your wits against his in a test of movie knowledge. There are three £3 prizes to be won each night if you can beat Wally, or a £1 consolation prize for taking part.

10.00   Bingo Radio Jukebox Part 2

Another 30 minutes of your song selections. You can email requests from 9.40 each night to and if your song is selected, you’ll win £2.

11.00   The Thirty-Minute Theme

We round off the live show each night by exploring musical themes. There’ll be a £2 prize for whoever sets the nightly theme, and two more prizes of £2 for requests based on it. From rock ‘n’ roll to country, disco to duets, Motown to musicals, the Thirty-Minute Theme will provide little break from the norm.

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