New Year, New Studio, New Show!

Hello everyone. Well, better late than never!

There’s a new look to Bingo Radio’s live show starting tonight (Tuesday) with lots of new games and some juggling of old favourites. The Bingo Jukebox has transformed into the GameVillage Ten At Ten, with 10 randomly chosen requests and a chance to win up to £10 each night – at the later time of 10 o’clock.

Our infuriating guess-the-song game The Secret Seven returns each night at 7.30. Frustrating it may be, but there’s potential to win hundreds of pounds here, as we add more money to the pot each night! Trivia buffs can also win one of our Pieces of Eight between 8-9PM by answering questions worth up to £8 each, where the answer contains the number eight.

The GameVillage idiot is back each night with Wally’s Magic Wand at 9.30. He’ll be conjuring up an object and describing it to you – and if you can work out what it is from his first clue, you can win £10. Otherwise, it’s a chance to win £5 by the second clue and £2 by the third.

There’s even more happening in the last hour of the show with a 15 minute segment called Elevenses between 11-11.15pm. There’ll be a £5 reward for whoever chooses that night’s theme and can come up with three relevant songs as an example – the theme changes every night so there are lots of chances to win!

And to round things off, for those who can’t take the pace and are starting to feel sleepy, the final 30 minutes of the show is dedicated to some of the most beautiful, soothing, relaxing, romantic, chilled and laidback songs of all-time as Bingo Radio goes Mellow Until Midnight.

We hope you enjoy the improvements to the live show that we’ve started to make this month and look forward to hearing your feedback over the coming weeks and months. Plus, look out for more details on how you can help shape the future of Bingo Radio, the songs it plays and the competitions it runs very soon!

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  1. love it esp you get longer to email cos use to annoy me before if i just started game dingo, when u were shouted for homeowner race or was song u never knew to carry on u game or email,love wallys magic, love the 11’s and can think of load ideas not sure about 7 30 cos think soaps are still a little more enticing but
    love the secret seven
    oviously it take time to get use too

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