Come on Down to Bingo Radio this June!


With the sun finally n the sky (fingers crossed) we welcome in flaming June (here’s hoping) with some hot ways to win at Bingo Radio. We’ll be getting quizzical with a chance to play some familiar games – but with a bit of a twist. Mark has all the details on the live show (on-air each Tuesday to Saturday night from 7pm) or just take a look at the line-up below:

7.30 The Big Question

You could win the first £3 prize of the night by correctly answering a question to relating to today’s date. Listen out for the question, or clues, at 7.30 each night.

8.00 Clueless with Wally!

We’ve given the GameVillage idiot ten minutes to come up with ten answers to three questions each night. If you can correctly answer any of these questions without duplicating one of Wally’s answers, you can win £4 – otherwise it’s £2 for matching with Wally, or nothing at all for an incorrect answer.

9.00 Wheel Of Four Quid!

Each night, Mark will reveal a clue to a word and you’ll have a chance to guess one letter from within the word. Four emails will then be chosen at random and if the letters appear in the word, they’ll be put in place. You’ll then be able to guess at the word for a chance to win £4 – but if you get it wrong, you’ll be out of the game! If no one wins, more letters will be added and more guesses invited to win £2.

10.00 The GameVillage 10@10

Our ever-popular request section returns for another month. Mark will be taking your requests each night from 9.45, and remember there’s £2 for whoever chooses each of the songs that are played.

11.00 Name That Tune!

The Bingo Radio stylophone is back! You could win up to £4 by guessing the name of a well-known song played with the studio stylus. Think you only need to hear three seconds? You could win the top prize! Prefer to hear four seconds? That could be worth £3. Or, you can hear the whole five seconds for a chance to win £2.

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