Merry Christmas Everyone

With just one more sleep to go before the big day, Bingo Radio’s live show returns for Christmas Eve. There will be more chances to win festive fivers or maybe even a bigger prize with Wally’s Advent Calendar. You can send Seasons Greetings to your friends at GV via Bingo Radio and choose your favourite Yuletide songs for a chance to win extra prizes.

Join in the fun from around 6pm on Christmas Eve.

From everyone involved with Bingo Radio: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy Birthday Bingo Radio

Join us tonight (Friday 24th October) to help Bingo Radio celebrate its sixth birthday!

There will be chances to win prizes every few minutes from 6pm until late.

Wally the GameVillage Idiot returns to the live show this evening, and the phone lines will be open for your messages and requests.

Mark will be on the air at 6pm sharp – make sure you’re there too!

September on Bingo Radio

Bingo Radio is off to the flicks this month! Grab your popcorn and tune-in for more chances to win with our silver-screen themed games and competitions. Whether you’re a movie buff or not, there’ll be plenty to enjoy during September on Bingo Radio.

Here are some of the ways you can win on the live show, each Tuesday to Saturday night from 7pm:

7.00     Bingo Radio Jukebox Part 1

Mark will be inviting your requests each night from 6.40 – so be ready to send an email to for a chance to not only hear one of your favourite songs, but also win £2 into the bargain!

8.00     Mark’s Move Music Challenge

Listen out for the music clips from famous films, and if you can identify where they’re from, you could win some instant lucky cash, paid straight into your GameVillage account.

9.00     Clueless at the Movies… with Wally!

The Village Idiot is back, and here’s your chance to pit your wits against his in a test of movie knowledge. There are three £3 prizes to be won each night if you can beat Wally, or a £1 consolation prize for taking part.

10.00   Bingo Radio Jukebox Part 2

Another 30 minutes of your song selections. You can email requests from 9.40 each night to and if your song is selected, you’ll win £2.

11.00   The Thirty-Minute Theme

We round off the live show each night by exploring musical themes. There’ll be a £2 prize for whoever sets the nightly theme, and two more prizes of £2 for requests based on it. From rock ‘n’ roll to country, disco to duets, Motown to musicals, the Thirty-Minute Theme will provide little break from the norm.

Our live show returns tonight!

Hi everyone! Just a reminder that Mark is back from holiday and our live show resumes tonight at 7pm.

bingo radio new

As well as the Summer Six Pack, there are more ways to win with “The Heat Is On”, “Clueless Hosties” and two jukeboxes!

We’ll be opening the e-mail inbox for the first Bingo Radio Jukebox at 6.40pm – don’t miss out!

Welcome to August on Bingo Radio

Bingo Radio is celebrating the last official month of summer – come what may! Join us for our August games and promotions including an exciting progressive competition each night at 8.30. Now everyone can listen courtesy of our updated website, just go to to tune in, and here’s what’s in store throughout August…


7.00     Bingo Radio Jukebox – Part 1

It’s your first chance of the evening to choose the music. Mark will be taking requests from 6.40pm, and if your song is played from 7pm, you’ll win some instant lucky cash!


8.00     The Heat Is On

Bingo Radio’s collection of summer songs have been proving popular, and you could win an instant boost to your GV account when you hear tonight’s nominated number. Listen for an announcement just after 8pm.


8.30     The Summer Six Pack

Oh no! Some of Bingo Radio’s most popular songs have melted in the recent heat. If you can identify any of the famous tunes now that they’re warped and distorted, you could win a sizzling £6 prize. But the big money will go to anyone who can name all six songs – and we grow the progressive pot by £6 twice a night!


9.00     Clueless: Hosties!

Our popular trivia competition is back, and this time you’ll be playing against the chat hosts! We’ll be giving them five minutes to come up with five answers to three questions. If you can beat them by coming up with an answer they didn’t give, you can win a £5 cash injection, or £2 if you match with the host. Full details after 9pm each night.


10.00   Bingo Radio Jukebox – Part 2

Mark will be taking more of your requests from 9.40pm each evening, with more £2 prizes to be given away each time a song is played. Remember, the email address is


            followed by the Chat Host’s Choices


11.00   The Summer Six Pack

It’s your final chance to win each night in August with the music that’s melted during the hot weather. See 8.30 above for more details.

July on Bingo Radio

Now everyone can listen via our new player at

There’s a new look to our line-up for July at Bingo Radio. We’re extending one of our most popular features to give you double the amount of requests each night, so if you’re an early bird, have your requests ready to send by 6.45pm – the later jukebox continues as normal. Wally’s back with us while Wimbledon continues, and we’ll (hopefully) be worshipping the sun each night before it goes down!

Don’t forget that Bingo Radio brodcasts around the clock, with music and information about the month’s promotions during the day, and the live show each Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm.

Here are some of the ways you can win lucky money from Bingo Radio in July:

7.00      The Bingo Radio Jukebox – The Early Edition

Get ready to choose the music by emailing your request to from 6.45 until 7.15pm. If your song is played, you’ll be paid £2!

8.00      Wally’s Double Fault!

The GameVillage idiot returns twice each night, armed with a faulty statement. If you can spot his two mistakes, you could win £2.

8.30      Summer Breeze

Listen out for an all-time classic summer song played before 9pm. When you hear it, get in touch for a chance to win £2.

9.00      Game: Set & Match

It’s the game that involves matching sets of songs! There are three chances to win £2 in this hour when you hear two songs back to back that share at least one word in their titles.

10.00   The Bingo Radio Jukebox – The Late Edition

Here’s another chance to choose the music by emailing your request to from 9.45 until 10.15pm. If your song is played, you’ll be paid £2!

                followed by the Chat Host’s Choices

11.00   Wally’s Double Fault!

Wally is back again with another faulty statement. Spot the two errors for a chance to win the final £2 of the night.

Come on Down to Bingo Radio this June!


With the sun finally n the sky (fingers crossed) we welcome in flaming June (here’s hoping) with some hot ways to win at Bingo Radio. We’ll be getting quizzical with a chance to play some familiar games – but with a bit of a twist. Mark has all the details on the live show (on-air each Tuesday to Saturday night from 7pm) or just take a look at the line-up below:

7.30 The Big Question

You could win the first £3 prize of the night by correctly answering a question to relating to today’s date. Listen out for the question, or clues, at 7.30 each night.

8.00 Clueless with Wally!

We’ve given the GameVillage idiot ten minutes to come up with ten answers to three questions each night. If you can correctly answer any of these questions without duplicating one of Wally’s answers, you can win £4 – otherwise it’s £2 for matching with Wally, or nothing at all for an incorrect answer.

9.00 Wheel Of Four Quid!

Each night, Mark will reveal a clue to a word and you’ll have a chance to guess one letter from within the word. Four emails will then be chosen at random and if the letters appear in the word, they’ll be put in place. You’ll then be able to guess at the word for a chance to win £4 – but if you get it wrong, you’ll be out of the game! If no one wins, more letters will be added and more guesses invited to win £2.

10.00 The GameVillage 10@10

Our ever-popular request section returns for another month. Mark will be taking your requests each night from 9.45, and remember there’s £2 for whoever chooses each of the songs that are played.

11.00 Name That Tune!

The Bingo Radio stylophone is back! You could win up to £4 by guessing the name of a well-known song played with the studio stylus. Think you only need to hear three seconds? You could win the top prize! Prefer to hear four seconds? That could be worth £3. Or, you can hear the whole five seconds for a chance to win £2.

Happy Birthday GV from Bingo Radio


Help us celebrate GameVillage’s sixth birthday this month with more games and competitions! The live show is on the air every Tuesday to Saturday night from 7pm and includes these chances to win:

7.30   The Big Question

Mark gives you your first chance to win £3 every night with a question based on something from this day in history. Answer correctly for a chance to win the cash.

8.00   It’s Fool’ s Eye!

GV’s resident village idiot is back for a darts game with a difference! You could win one of three £3 prizes by joining Wally on the oche – or you could take a gamble and risk winning £6 by going for the tricky Bullseye!

9.00   Hit for Six

To help celebrate six years of your favourite online game destination, we’ll be playing three memorable number ones from the past six years. Each one is worth £3 so listen out for Mark to announce the songs.

10.00 The GV 10@10

Our request fest returns with more chances to choose the music. Mark will be taking emails from 9.45 each evening and if your song is played, you’ll win an instant £2.

11.00 Chat Host Challenge

One of the chat hosts will be helping – or hindering – you to your chance of winning the final £3 prize. Mark will choose a word and a blank and while the chat host fills in the blank with another word, you’ll have to match with their word to win the cash!